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Training Workshops

Our workshops are designed to lay a beginning foundation for the subject topic provided. Some topics even offer more advanced levels. Workshops are longer then a class and only require one single event to commit to. They will provide equal parts instruction and hands on practice. Workshops provide a fun filled afternoon to learn a new skill or build on an existing behavior.

Workshops can be held privately for individuals, groups or rescues. Workshops are prescheduled or offered with interest.  Workshop lengths will depend on topic and interest, but will be a minimum of 2hrs + short brain breaks. Upcoming Scheduled workshops will be posted under the events page

Workshop topic descriptions can be found below


Place Workshops - Beginner, Advanced, Expert

Beginner - instruction on teaching the behavior from the start, building up our three D's and give you a step by step hand out to ensure success within the home. You will receive ample time to practice with your own dog and get feedback from the trainer(s). 

advanced - we will build on our existing knowledge of the place command; generalize to other objects and challenge our dogs understanding with more unique and fun distraction exercises, proof handler positions and increase duration. 

Expert- We will take our dogs solid foundation into real world situations and challenge them with distractions of the 'natural variety'. One workshop we may be downtown, holding a place for an extended duration, amidst high levels of noise and human distraction, or we may go for a picnic as a group, etc.


trick workshops - beginner, advanced, expert

Trick workshops will be laid out so your dog may earn their 'Do More With Your Dog!' Trick Titles upon workshop completion, should you choose, or just make a routine and wow guests during holidays!

upon receipt of your registration you will be provided a word bank of tricks at your workshops level, you may select all those of interest to you or any others you'd like to learn during the workshop. We will do our best to focus our time and instruction on tricks of interest to our participants.

Why learn Tricks?..

Tricks are a great way to spend time with your dog, drain some of their mental energy and hone your skills as a trainer; Tricks take some improv. depending on your individual dog, as different dogs have different learning preferences and physical abilities!  Not only are tricks a phenomenal confidence booster for our dogs and a great way to include the dog in family activity's by showing off their moves to guests. Tricks are also a safe, easy and wonderful way for children to get involved in the training of their dog. 

rockin' recall Workshop

this workshop will be a condensed version of our group class, a great refresher option for anyone who's taken our class already! We will teach you the same exercises, with slightly more demonstration of the progressions(depending on where registered dogs are in their recall ability) we'll give you a solid outline to creating a head snapping recall.

 for more information, visit our rockin' recall group class description

what's a recall?

also known as 'come when called'. an amazing recall opens up so many opportunity's for our dogs to be a part of our every day activity's. everyone wants to be able to let their dog off leash, watch them run, but most importantly get them back after! a great recall could save your dogs life, and can keep them involved in yours, by being able to give them freedom at the cabin or out camping, knowing with out worry, their just a call away. a great recall is also essential for anyone hoping to continue into any dog sport.

Other workshop topics include..

Bringing home baby - creating a smooth transition for dog and owner

treadmill training - winter survival tool and so much more

fun agility - so much more than an obstacle course for dogs - currently only offered as an in home private/group lesson, have us over to set up/learn some equipment!

Socialization success - decoding dog/dog socialization, setting your dog up for success, where common outlets fail, finding solutions for difficult dogs,

Shelters & Rescues

Do you volunteer for a rescue or shelter, interested in hosting one of our workshops or a pack walk for your organization (Fosters, Adopters or Supporters) Or if you have a unique/specific topic(s) you'd like us to offer(crate training, adding new dogs to the home, creating structure, puppy 101, etc) feel free to contact us to discuss or ask questions

  Contact us today via the form below to learn how you can raise money for your rescue by hosting one of our educational workshops! 

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