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Training Resources

Training Blogs 

Suzanne Clothier -

Sean O'Shea -

Chad Mackin -

Robin MacFarlane -

Jay Jack - 3 Bad Bullies -


duke fergusson -

 (Click the link on his page - to sign up for free training videos!)  


What Would Jeff Do? - Jeff Gellman - download on itunes

Dog Training Conversations with Chad Mackin & Jay Jack - download on ITunes 


Sean o'shea - learn to train the good dog way

cesar Millan - mastering leadership dvd's

ty brown - transform your dog in 60 days

the movie 'buck'


Cesar Millan - cesar's rules

kyra sundance - 101 dog tricks

Suzanne clothier - bones would rain from the sky

Tammy rogers - Dog algebra

wendy volhard, raw diet pioneer - a holistic guide to a healthy dog