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Group Classes



Group Classes are suitable for friendly dogs and their owners. Both ends of the leash can pick up bad habits, and our classes can help you both become calm, and confident in your handling/training skills. 


level 1 | The fundamentals

Our foundation classes help you master the basics for a well behaved pet both inside the home and out, we immerse you in our unique training techniques/philosophy's. These classes are specialized, because we spend the time breaking down 'the basics' giving you a thorough understanding of how your dog thinks, learns, and how to progress as their skills develop. Our classes are for the eager and enthusiastic owner, and require you to do consistent daily homework. If you're ready to buckle down, get training and receive a training education unlike any other.. Our fundamentals are for you!

Our fundamentals class or the completion of a private training program is a prerequisite for almost all of our classes.  

Lincoln learning how to find Rats | Barn Hunt Basics 

Lincoln learning how to find Rats | Barn Hunt Basics 

level 2 | Fulfillment

You've completed the fundamentals, you and your dog have a healthy communication system, now you're ready to challenge yourselves with something new. Our fulfillment classes help you discover your dogs inner strengths, and uncover weakness' to work through. We provide a safe space for owners to try new things, while using the tools or techniques they've already become comfortable/confident with. Confidence building, scenting, tugging, agility, and so much more, our fulfillment classes will truly enrich your dogs mind, body, & soul. 

Dog's in our fulfilment classes have completed 1(or more) fundamental class, or have completed a private training program with us. 


LEVEL 3 | advanced techniques

Refine you and your dog's skills and take them to a whole new level, we've created our Advanced Technique classes for our eager students who just love to train! Polish your skills with advanced proofing challenges, increased distraction exercises, and harder games. These classes are ideal for owners looking to continue in dogsports like: RallyO, Agility, Therapy dog prep & More. Dogs in our advanced technique classes have either completed a fundamental class, or completed a private training program with us. 

Some Advanced Classes are exclusively available to our private training Alumni. Another perk to investing in one of our private training programs.