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Private Training Programs


training programs

Flexible Scheduling, 1 on 1 Coaching, Guaranteed Results. 

Any size, any breed, any problem. 


puppy Programs

We LOVE puppy's at TBP, it's the most critical period in your dog's development and we want to help you-help your puppy reach it's full potential! Puppy's are like sponges, always soaking up information from the world around them and looking for direction. We help you to ensure they're getting the right information, exposure, and guidance to grow up well calm and well adjusted to our crazy human world.

We'll solve that puppy biting, the potty accidents, the crate tantrums, and replace it with impulse control, rock solid manners, and obedience that'll last a lifetime.

If you want your dog to grow into a confident, obedient and well mannered pooch you can take anywhere. We can't wait to help you!

Shayla practicing calm with Lacey | a private training client.

Shayla practicing calm with Lacey | a private training client.


Designed for the dogs who have a firm belief of how their world should, or shouldn't operate!

Whether your dogs been pulling you down the street for years, or kept you holed up and avoiding company due to their protective/aggressive behaviour, our private training programs can get you and your dog back on track and enjoying a calm, stress-free, life together. Hyper dogs, Human/Dog aggressive dogs, Anxious/Fearful dogs, all can benefit from one of our specialized training programs. 

If you're ready to improve both you and your dog's quality of life, repair your relationship, and learn to relate/communicate on a deeper level. Click the botton below to learn more..


New adopter lESSON

Did you recently add a rescue dog or puppy to your home? Has it been a while since integrating a new dog into your household? Maybe you've never owned a dog before and aren't sure where to start? Our New Adopter lesson is designed to help you understand how your dog is thinking, feeling, and reacting to their new surroundings/family. We also set you up with a new routine, and bonding exercises that will help you pave the way to an enjoyable new life together. 

Dog's must have been with you for no longer than 4 weeks at time of lesson. 15% Discount upon proof of adoption from the following organizations: Regina Humane Society, The Pack Project. 

1.5-2hr Lesson | 199$ + GST