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Training Services


training services

The Balanced Pack offers a wide range of training services specifically designed to meet the needs of our 2 & 4 legged clients. Whether you have a new puppy, an adult dog, recently rescued or have a multi dog household.  The Balanced Pack has a variety of training options to help you reach your training goals. 


Private Training Programs

Teaching owners to think like trainers. 

You need help, you're at your wits end. Your dog is driving you insane, and you know your dog's feeling the stress too. Bottom line, you're having a breakdown in communication and your relationship with your dog is suffering because of it. Our programs are designed to help you and your dog enjoy each other again. These in depth lessons aren't only for laying a strong obedience foundation, they're designed to train you, to train your dog. By the end of our programs, you'll be thinking, acting, and reacting like a dog trainer yourself. Programs include everything you need to have and know, in order to achieve lasting, lifelong success. 


Group Classes

Not your average group class.

Group classes are a fabulous way for friendly dogs with minimal behaviour issues, to learn a training foundation, pick up some new skills, or polish up existing ones. Our classes are unique in so many ways. Small classes, nearly 1:1 or 1:2 trainer/student ratio, unique and focused curriculum, a welcoming and judgement free space, just a few of the things that set our classes apart from others in town. Whether you're looking to lay a solid obedience foundation, overhaul your walks, learn a new sport, or just spend some quality bonding time with your pal, our classes offer something for everyone and every dog! 

Group classes are held weekday evenings, as well as weekends. Check the class calendar button below to see future class dates. 


Day Camps

Where Fun meets Learning.

Day Camps are a designed to lay some awesome obedience skills on your dog, socialize and imprint young puppy minds. Your dog comes to our training centre on a set weekly schedule for a set number of visits, then at the end of each week we meet with you to transfer their skills. Not only does your dog receive multiple tailored lessons during their day, they also practice away-from-home crate/coping skills, and confidence building exercises. Day camp dogs also get to participate and play in our daycare as they're able. We also use all these new friends as distractions for their training, as it progress', or if they struggle with dogs, we use this time to carefully socialize them with known stable dogs, especially so with puppies. 

Your dog gets to spend the day having fun, learning new things, and at the end of each week you get a lesson with your trainer so they can make sure you know how to maintain/implement their training at home. So if you find yourself struggling to get the practice in at home to really solidify those commands/behaviours, you will love the structure of day camps!

Day Camp space is limited, Contact us today to reserve your dog's spot! 

board & train - *COMING SOON*

Board and Trains are just what they sound like, 24hr tutoring! Your dog gets to move in with a trainer and have their training foundations built up under the eye of a professional. Your dog will learn faster, behaviours will be stronger, and it'll make teaching you that much easier. We do all the repetitions, proofing, and necessary 'grunt work', to lay a strong and sturdy obedience(& life) foundation. Then we bring you back in to the equation so we can teach you how to maintain the training, and hold them accountable to their new known behaviours. We get to know the dog, expose the dog, and challenge the dog in daily activities that we know will create happy, balanced, and attentive dogs for their owners. 

Dog's that benefit from board and train are: Fearful of: Dogs/People/Environment, Reactive, Hyper-active, Puppies, Rescue Dogs, Multi-dog households, and more!

Owner's that Benefit from Board and Train are busy, but committed owners who want a well behaved dog, though may not have the time to dedicate to laying the important foundation repetitions themselves, or who's schedules make it difficult to accommodate  consistent private lessons for an in-home program. 

Board & Train space is limited, contact us to guarantee your dog's spot today.