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Take The Lead

Are you fed up with being pulled along endlessly during your walk? Has walking the dog become the most dreaded activity in your day? Are you tired of being tormented and dragged towards small animals, seemingly sneaking up around every corner? Have you reached the end of your leash and just stopped walking your dog altogether?

If your biggest training goal is to be able to enjoy calm, relaxing walks with your dog, even in the face of distractions; Search no more, this program is for you! 

This program is ideal If you're struggling with your dogs lunging, pulling, barking or all the above on walks. Or if you have previously been unsuccessful in a group class environment. We will work 1 on 1 with you to explain and address unwanted behaviors & help you start communicating effectively through the leash. 

After our program you'll both be well prepared and eager to join in and practice during our pack walks!

This program is tailored to your dogs specific/most pertinent issues, however as an outline we will cover:

-Collar or harness? Pros & Cons

-The Structured Walk


-Leash Handling Skills & Handler Awareness Exercises

-Intro to Urban Agility


  • Initial Consultation (Free evaluation)

  • Two in-home(or on site) private lessons

  • One follow up lesson @ location of choice (booked within two months of program completion)  


  • Longline, tab leash and the recommended training collar are included in program price

  • 1 free scheduled day of daycare

  • free Access to our group Pack Walks upon completion!

  • Applicable Hand outs and reference material

  • Unlimited Email support 


Ready to achieve the walks you both deserve?