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Structured Steps - Group Class

We'll help you solve you dog's pulling, lunging or reactivity by showing you how to communicate effectively through the leash!

In this 5 week class you will learn..

Loose Leash Walking..

Your dog will learn the meaning of leash pressure and how to turn it off/on, how to walk calmly in heel position-- No matter who's at the end of the leash

Focus & impulse control..

Your dog will learn to focus on you and not the environment, wait calmly at thresholds and remain calm and composed around other dogs/people.

how to communicate..

You, will learn how to properly communicate with your dog by learning to read their body language and use your leash as a communication tool, rather then a steering device.

How to connect..

We will help you choose the right training collar for your situation and teach you an arsenal of skills and techniques to help you become the calm, confident handler and advocate your dog needs.

Watch your dogs naughty habits disappear &
Feel your confidence as your dogs handler and advocate sky rocket with our Structured Steps group class!

We went for a walk today and a rabbit ran 4 feet in front of us and Mia stopped, sat down and looked at me with her big eyes asking “should I chase it?” We turned around and she just kept walking with me like nothing ever happened. So proud of her. Thanks for all your help! If this happened a year ago, I would have tried to not fall amidst holding on. - Shanna & Mia


5 week class - cost: 130$ - Location: TBA

when: next class- Starts April 2/16 check events page for details


  • Long Line (20ft+ Rope leash, will be used in class)

  • Video Homework/Demo's - Always have reference to look back on after completion

  • Unlimited email/follow up support


Recommended training equipment is not included in the price. You will be required to purchase your recommended training collar, as well as yummy treats/kibble rations.

Check our events page for a class date that suits you, send us an email containing which class Day you'd like to be enrolled in and fill out the information form below!