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Rockin' Recall - Group Class

What's the one thing we all want to be able to do with our dogs?.. Let them off leash and know they'll come back without second thought! This class is all about getting solid off leash reliability and not in two years, or after hundreds of hours of training sessions. With the newfound knowledge and exercises you'll learn in this class(with proper application of your homework, of course) You can have an amazing off leash recall after only our four week class!

in this class you will learn..

to get an amazing recall using their daily meals..

We will show you how to raise your dogs food drive-- Say goodbye to expensive and smelly treats! Training the dog to come when called just got as simple as feeding them their breakfast!

how to trust your dog..

One of the challenges we face as owners is as simple as unclipping that leash and feeling confident it's not going to end in a game of keep away, or even worse.. The fear of losing our dogs is often the biggest hurdle for us to overcome  to be able to trust and enjoy our dogs to the fullest. This class will convince you, that you can, take the leash off.

join us in this unique and innovative class..

Structured training sessions, fun games and drills, this class isn't just unique and effective, it's FUN! There is nothing boring about your homework or class each week, you'll both be rearin' to get to class each week and show off how awesome your recall is coming!

Jam packed with proven techniques, there's no class around like it and certainly, none as fun!

4 week class (optional 5th week- off leash meet up)

cost: 140$

location: tba

dogs come to all classes - crates required for all classes


  • hand outs/reference material

  • long line

  • graduation ribbon


  • training collar(slip, prong, martingale, halti)

  • no flat buckle collars

  • ideally 4ft, or 6ft nylon/leather leash

  • food(treat) pouch + daily/meal kibble rations

  • most importantly a big smile and an open mind!