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Rules + Requirements

Everything your dog need's to have and everything you need to know to get started!

  • Mandatory monthly flea/tick/lice medication. Invoices are required as Proof of Purchase. (common medications: bravecto, Revolution, Advantix, Frontline+, Zodiac, etc)       *Please confirm with your Veterinarian which medication is best for you and they will provide you with all the information specific to your product (dosage, frequency, side affects, etc)

  • Up to date Rabies, Booster(Parvovirus, Distemper, etc) and Bordatella vaccinations.

  • We strongly recommend starting your pet on a regular deworming schedule in conjunction with your vets recommendation. dog's with a history of worms are required to obtain a negative fecal test before enrolling

  • Dogs should be comfortable and familiar with taking breaks in a crate. a good way to prep your dog for daycare is to kennel them for short periods while you're home, to truly evaluate your dogs crate training. dogs that whine, bark, pant, and attempt escape/self harm are not CANDIDATES FOR DAYCARE. WE CAN HOWEVER HELP THIS ISSUE VIA OUR PRIVATE TRAINING PROGRAMS

  • Your dog should be in good physical health

  • *Health and Safety of all dogs in our care are of utmost importance to us: Severely overweight, aging or injured pets will receive socialization and personalized care, however, physical limitations may prevent them from partaking in certain activities 

  • Your dog should not have been to another daycare or boarding facility for at least 10 days prior to attending daycare, even if you have been diligent with medications/vaccinations.*The 10 day quarantine period, allows time for any potentially contracted virus/parasites to surface at home, before exposing other pets. This is important to us to prevent exposure to not only our existing clients but also our personal animals that live in the home*

  • Upon enrollment in our daycare it is recommended you use discretion/limit your dog(s) exposure to dog parks, ESPECIALLY DURING PEAK/BUSY TIMES. not only because of communicable disease'S THAT CAN BE CARRIED INSIDE (parvovirus, warts, dog lice, kennel cough) but if your dog has any existing behavioral issue(s), you will be exposing them to unscreened, potentially rude or dangerous dogs which may exasperate the problem. You are also at the mercy of the attention other owners are paying to their dogs, there is no dog park police, you are your dogs only advocate. If you are not educated in what that means to your dog, it can lead to a lot of frustration at both ends of the leash.  Your dog will have plenty of friends here and will likely prefer well known, familiar dogs, vs. strange potentially dangerous ones you may encounter at a dog park

  • Please discourage and curb barking/marking outside of our facility. Although we understand dogs bark and sometimes they ‘gotta go!’ but please be courteous to our neighbours

  • Allow your dog to 'relieve' himself at home prior to arrival at daycare to help prevent accidents inside the facility

  • Don’t forget your training tools at home! Bring your training collars with you each and every visit