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Relationship Reboot

 Maple and her owner Lauren working on the place command. 

Maple and her owner Lauren working on the place command. 

Behaviour bootcamp for both ends of the leash

When you have a dog that is aggressive, extremely fearful, or that suffers from separation anxiety, it's mentally and emotionally exhausting. You love your dog, but their behaviour is just too much. The thought of a group class makes your shutter, knowing what kind of barking and chaos will follow, not to mention the embarrassment you'll feel as you try and control your dog. You feel stuck, you're becoming isolated-always trying to go out when and to places where other's won't be, hoping you'll get to enjoy just a moment with your dog, giving him the life he deserves. 

Relationship Reboot is designed to give you and in-depth understanding of both you and your dogs behaviour. While we focus on building up obedience so we can reliably work your dog around their triggers, this program truly emphasizes rebuilding the relationship between dog and handler(s) in order to help you facilitate lasting success. 

Whether you've tried other trainers before with little success, or have been silently struggling on your own, no matter how insurmountable the problem may seem, our trainers are compassionate, dedicated and experienced professionals committed to your success. 

The Balanced Pack has completely saved my relationship with my dog. Adopting a mixed breed rescue puppy at 8 weeks old was much more overwhelming than I anticipated and I muddled through trying to train her and manage her anxiety. Our first group puppy class was a huge disaster (not through Balanced Pack) but I didn’t want to give up on having a well behaved and happy dog. I decided that private lessons were the way to go and I couldn’t be happier with our progress. After three days I started noticing improvements and we are on to a new and better relationship. The care she receives at daycare is really wonderful as well. You can tell Shayla and Izzie really enjoy what they do and they do it well.
— Chera Kichula