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Refined Canine


Are you ready to see your dog's behavior refined!?

No more..

  • Stealing off counters
  • Digging in the trash
  • Pulling you down the street
  • Lunging at other dogs
  • Or tuning out your pleas to 'come back!'

This comprehensive program will help you teach your dog an obedience foundation that will better help you communicate and leverage their behavior in real life scenarios. Not only that, this program also includes behavior modification techniques to stop all those naughty habits now. If your dog is a wild child who needs a leadership overhaul that will turn them into a joy to have around family and friends again, this program is a great option for you. You can put all those bad, embarrassing habits of theirs in the past, after this program you'll have one Refined Canine!

On Leash Obedience, 6 Lessons Total

Covers: Loose Leash Walking, Sit/Down, Place(go to your bed), Wait(doorways/thresholds), Leave it/Drop It, Watch Me(Cued Attention), Recall(come when called) + Behavior Modification(No jumping up, etc)


  • Training Equipment
  • 2 Free Daycare Visits
  • Handouts
  • Lifetime Email support/Access to our secret Facebook Alumni group
  • Lifetime access to our website's training video library(Student login password provided) *Coming soon*
  • Free access to Pack Walks

5 In Home Lessons, 1 Off Site/Real World follow up Lessons

Cost: 750$