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Puppy Preschool - Group Class

Have you recently added a puppy to your family? Congratulations!

Are you a first time puppy owner and looking for some guidance through the process? Are you looking for a safe, supervised environment to start socializing your pup with other dogs and humans? Do you have an older puppy and are realizing you need to start curbing some naughty behaviors? Or are you just ready to start imprinting life long skills in your dog, so they can be an involved member of the family for many years to come? Whatever your puppy needs, our puppy preschool lays a solid foundation for the rest of your lives together.

Our puppy preschool focus' on socializing the entire dog. This class will work on body handling, to ensure a happy puppy for future grooming experiences. Body awareness/Confidence building exercises and games to help our young pups grow up to be confident adults who aren't fazed by changes in surfaces or surroundings. dog-dog Socialization and helping you understand what you're seeing, with professional commentary and regular interruptions to refocus on mom and dad. Lastly of course there will be light obedience training, with emphasis on the fundamentals (Recall and Name association) and so much more!

six week class - dogs come first class


  • Clicker

  • hand outs/reference material(crate training, etc)

  • graduation ribbon


  • puppy's must be at least 10 weeks and require 2 rounds of shots (1st, 2nd booster)

  • available for puppy's up to 6 months (by class completion)

  • securely fitted collar and 4/6ft nylon/leather leash

  • ideally daily kibble rations, or treats

cost: 160$