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Private Training Programs

Is your dog dragging you down the street on walks? Are they picking fights at daycare, barking uncontrollably, destroying furniture or counter surfing the moment you walk away? Are you living with a serious behavioral issue like separation anxiety, resource guarding or dog aggression? Are you feeling lost and confused about why your dog's acting out? Getting lots of advice from family, other trainers or friends but still not getting results?

If you'd rather your dog.. Came when called every time, walked calmly next to you in the neighbourhood, laid peacefully on their mat during food prep or when welcoming guests over, look no further!  If you want a dog you can enjoy bringing over to family and friends homes, in public or out to the cottage..


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*All programs are fully customizable to meet the needs of our clients. Don't see something you're looking for? There's a good chance we can modify your program of choice to accommodate it*


This program will lay a solid obedience foundation, which we will then teach you how to apply to real life scenario's.

Taking back control and restoring peace to your household.

Say Good-bye to an unruly, disconnected dog and Hello to your new Courteous Canine!

On-Leash Obedience, 4 Lessons Total

Covers: Loose Leash walking(Heel), Place(go to your bed), Sit & Down, Wait(doors, thresholds), Leave it/Out(drop it)


This comprehensive program covers both the obedience foundation we will use to leverage our dogs daily behaviors, as well as behavior modification techniques to stop any and all bad habits in their tracks.

Put all those embarrassing habits of theirs in the past.

After this program you will have one Refined Canine! 

On-Leash Obedience, 6 Lessons Total

Covers: Loose Leash Walking(Heel), Sit/Down, Place(go to your bed), Wait(thresholds, boundary's), Leave It/Out(drop it), Watch Me(Focused Attention), Recall(come when called) + Behavior Modification

Prestigious pooch

After successful completion of this program you and your dog will be able to have a conversation from hundreds of feet away-Sit's, Down's, Recall-- You will have complete off-leash reliability (no more selective hearing)

If you're ready to have the super dog that'll be the envy of the neighbourhood..

This program will give you that Prestigious Pooch!

On/Off-Leash Obedience-Remote Collar Training, 9 Lessons total + 5 Days Day Training

Covers: Loose Leash Walking, Sit/Down, Place, Wait(thresholds), Leave It/Out(drop it), Watch Me(focused attention), Kennel Up(Crate training), Recall(come when called-off leash reliability) + Behavior Modification


Private training programs are ideal for busy, hard working people and family's who just don't think they can commit to a weekly class and owners who want to be deeply involved in their dogs training to fast track results in the scenarios they need most! Unlike Group Classes, you have us all to yourself to answer and address any questions or concerns. The added benefit of working in your home keeps distraction level low for better learning, and helps us solidify new behavior's where they're needed most. You receive tailored activities and advice specific to your dog's issues. If your time and money are valuable to you, private training programs are a thorough and comprehensive way to address the doggy issues most pertinent to you.

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