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Prestigious Pooch

No More..

  • Selective Hearing
  • Wildlife Chasing
  • Constant Negotiating for Compliance

This Program is designed for dedicated owners who want to be able to enjoy their dog's company-wherever they may go! If you want to be able to give your dog the ultimate in off leash freedom and take them anywhere, this program's for you. Your dog will learn a comprehensive on-leash obedience foundation, then we will utilize the magic of remote collar training to achieve ultimate off leash reliability. Upon program completion your dog will perform commands reliably inside/out and from hundreds of feet away. Remote collar training is non confrontational and can open a whole new door for dogs or breeds who are thought of to be "never trusted off leash." Remote collars have amazing benefits for your average happy go lucky pet, to aggressive or fearful dogs. If you're ready to have the super dog that everyone dreams of owning--This program will give you that prestigious pooch!

On/Off Leash Obedience, 9 Lessons Total + 5 Days of Day Training (dog comes solo to our facility to learn)

Covers: Loose Leash Walking, Sit/Down, Place, Wait(doorways, thresholds), Leave It/Drop it, Watch me(Cued Attention), Kennel Up(crate training), Recall(Come when called-on/off leash reliability) + Behavior Modification  


  • On Leash Training Equipment
  • 5 Free Daycare Visits
  • Handouts
  • Lifetime Email support
  • Access to our secret FB Alumni Group
  • Lifetime access to our websites training video library(Student Login password provided) *Coming Soon*
  • Free Access to Pack Walks
  • Free Enrollment in one our Group Classes

8 In Home Lessons, 5 Days Day Training, 1 Off Site/Real World Follow up lesson

Cost: 1050$            *Optional* 5 Extra Days of Day Training - 1175$ Program Total