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Perfect Puppy Program

Have you recently added a four legged edition to your family? Congratulations!

Are you a new owner and ready to kick start your dogs training and socialization so they can be an included member of the family for many years to come?  Or maybe this isn't your first puppy rodeo but you could use a refresher course without the commitment of a class? Maybe you've already had your puppy a while and you're starting to see some issues you'd like to address before they literally, get too big?

Whatever your needs, our puppy program can address them!

This program is a great option for first time dog owners. If this is your first dog you'll receive plenty of one on one time for questions about all aspects of owning your new furry friend! Whatever your needs, our puppy program can address them!

We will tailor this in-home program to your desired areas of focus, however as foundation we will discuss:

-Crate training/house training

-Setting house rules & establishing structure.


-Place(go to your bed)

-Recall(come when called)

-Behavior Modification: How to address unwanted behaviors, ex: Mouthing & Jumping up

-Age appropriate tricks

We help you create a structured, peaceful home life with your new addition and help you lay a solid obedience foundation that will be invaluable for the rest of your lives together.

Available for puppies from 8 weeks to 8 months


  • initial consultation

  • 3 in home lessons


  • Crate training/handling/grooming/socialization hand outs/reference material 

  • Long line

  • 2 free days of day-school 

  • Free Access to our group Pack Walks/On The Go training class upon completion! 

Pair this 'Perfect Puppy' Program with our Puppy Preschool group class and you encompass the total package for raising your new puppy. Basic commands and structure are introduced at home with one on one instruction in your private lessons. Then, through group class we introduce supervised socialization, confidence building exercises & build on existing obedience, with distractions!

Can't wait to get started with your new pup?!..