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Come Walk With The Pack

Fish swim, Birds fly, Dogs walk.

If there's one thing our suburban canines are missing in their lives it's enough physical and mental stimulation! Fulfilling those needs however can be a challenging process. Especially challenging if you're dealing with unwanted and dangerous behaviors like zig-zagging, pulling, lunging or barking at others while out on walks. If you're struggling to communicate effectively through the leash, our pack walks are for you. 

Come out and socialize your dog, yourself and learn how to achieve the walks you both deserve!

weekly Pack Walks

Runs Spring-Late Fall. Weekday Evening(s)

 These walks will include 1 on 1 instruction, as well as fun group activities. We meet up in various locations to walk as a group, socialize our dogs, ourselves and give you opportunity to practice in a controlled, supportive, real world environment. There will be a minimal fee, with portion of proceeds rotating between rescues we support. 

If you have multiple dogs, there is a limit of 1 dog/person/session and there is a limit of 10 people to each session. Registration will open when location is announced under Events. When it becomes full, it will indicate so there. So book early to reserve your teams spot.

Reactive dogs welcome, owners of any 'aggressive dogs' should contact me in regards to setting up an evaluation as they may require individual training before we throw you into it all.
*Please note that although numbers are limited to ensure one on one time with everyone & we will be giving tips and strategies tailored to your dog as well as group activity's, these walks are not instructionally 'in depth'. If you are dealing with serious issues on your walks and plenty of one on one instruction, check out our Structured Steps Group Class or our Take The Lead private training program, which gives you unlimited free access to these walks after completion

General admission is 15$ or purchase a ten pass for 120$. 50% of the proceeds supporting local rescues/shelters. Free for clients who have completed a private training program with us and are looking to get out and about with like minded owners and practice with a trainer present. please take a minute to read the 'rules' located under monthly walks and fill out our one time registration form below 

Monthly pack walks

Runs spring-late fall. Weekend afternoons/mornings 

 Monthly Pack Walks will be longer then our weekly sessions and will be open to the general public and any number of dogs/handlers. So bring a friend! Enjoy a fun weekend afternoon to just get out with your dog, other owners and train while enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery our city has to offer. These may even evolve into "field trip" type walks, for those willing to commute to a more scenic, secluded location. Please check Events for these pack walks date, time and location. Be sure not to confuse with our weekly dates. There is no registration form for these events, just be sure to keep up to date on that months location!

*There will be minimal instruction during these walks*


Dogs attending should be friendly, healthy enough for prolonged exercise and on a 4-6ft leash & properly fitted martingale/slip/prong collar or front clip harness(if approved)

No flexi leashes, metal leashes or flat buckle collars

Please leave 4-6ft between your dog and others beyond what the leash gives you

& lastly relax, smile and have fun! 

Photos will be taken, please fill out the photo release waiver below if you plan to attend! 

Photo Release Waiver (Skip to page 3) - Click here