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#BeyondBasic Training Programs

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One amazing training program personalized to your dogs needs, available in three great formats and guaranteed to accelerate your success. Every relationship between owner and dog is different and we all have different idea of what our lifestyle with a dog will be, our variety of training format options reflect these differences and the individual skills needed to succeed.

1-1 Coaching Program: Personalized instruction on a flexible timeline, get all the answers you want and need to succeed. We work with your schedule, in your environment and save you the hassle of getting to and from that overcrowded and impersonal group class. The perfect program for any dog and owner who’s ready to take their relationship to the next level!

Hybrid Program: We’ll give your dog a jumpstart on their life, listening and social skills. Giving them the structure and leadership they crave, all while we work with you to develop the skills you’ll both need in order to nurture success throughout the rest of your lives together. A perfect program for raising your new puppy with the power of the pack!

Board and Train Program: Some dog’s issues best suit them to an immersion style learning environment, we help them override strong negative patterns of thought/behaviour. When possible owner’s remain involved through key milestones in their dogs learning throughout their time with us and owners must complete plenty of self study, reflection, and continued lessons learning with their trainer for successful reintegration. This program is suited to working through dog reactivity/aggression, helping fearful dogs find confidence, and helping any dog overcome a long practiced behaviour.

All of our training programs won’t just require change from your dog, but yourself as well. Owner’s must be willing to acknowledge their part in the relationship, so we can help you achieve lasting success. A trained dog isn’t a result of magic, it’s the result of dedication to your dog, yourself, and your goal, to us that in itself is what’s magical.


private 1-1 coaching program

The flexibility, owner education, and transfer of knowledge, in a private program is simply second to none. We are able to coach you to think, act and become your dogs personal trainer. We are able to assess your lifestyle, home habits, and the dogs real time responses and emotions in the settings your dog needs to learn to succeed. Get the hands on help you need.

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board and train program

An immersion camp for your dog, we’ll teach them the ropes of calm and content home life, expose them to a variety of new and novel dogs to build and strengthen their confidence. As we work through the program, you will be invited in to the learning process so we can help you truly understand your dog, their perceptions, and the direction needed from you going forward to help them succeed in every day life. The dogs truly become a part of our pack, and our daily routine, while we help you develop your ability to read, communicate, and support them properly.

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hybrid training program

 One of the biggest benefits to a hybrid program is the experience potential. We are able to assess and help your dog see a variety of situations/challenges from a new perspective that can propel your growth forward. The perfect mix of individual learning and private coaching, whether you have a new puppy or adolescent/adult dog struggling with over-reactivity..

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online coaching program

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