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Our Philosophy's


Our Training Philosophy's

Regardless of what type of training accomplishment you seek out to achieve these 5 Category’s play a role in all aspects of successful training and living with our canine companions. The Balanced Pack believes that with a firm understanding of these pillars, any dog owner can become a great dog owner. Likewise with fulfillment of these pillars, any dog can become a valued and enjoyable companion. Knowledge is power, when you know better, you do better. At The Balanced Pack our goal is to empower owners with common sense, out of the box thinking & education. 

Regardless of the tools or techniques we may employ from our large toolbox, they are all used with the purpose of fulfilling these pillars. For example we truly believe every dog deserves to enjoy the freedom and fulfillment of running off leash, so we use remote collars to give dog's more opportunities to see the world, while giving owners the peace of mind to be able to do safely & confidently. Whatever the suggestion or strategy we suggest, it is always with the intent to be able to help owners truly understand and achieve excellence in all 5 of the Pillars listed below. 


The five pillars of successful dog training

1. Relationship

By teaching through Reinforcement and through Consequence and learning new things together, not only will you develop a bond with your dog, but you will become a trusted source of guidance and assurance as they navigate our human world. Help them interpret our world, show them how society and yourself expects them to behave and help them be successful. Look for opportunities to be invited into their world and appreciate the wonder of dog's. By connecting with them as a species and learning about them as a whole, you can help fulfill your part in your relationship. 

2. Management  

Maintaining your training by enforcing boundaries, and selecting and managing appropriate envrionment's, as well as managing your dog within that environment to ensure best chance of success for everyone. Keeping you, your dog, and others safe, is paramount to being a responsible, knowledgable dog owner. Understand that the right thing to do, isn't always the most popular thing to do and put you and your dogs needs above the wants/needs of others. 

3. Advocating/Trust  

Proving yourself trustworthy, by maintaining your status as leader and guide to your dog means acting in their best interests before the interests of others ie: not allowing petting if your dog doesn’t not like it. By learning to predict your dog's behaviour and acting proactively in their best interest will help you prove your worthiness as a protector and guide in an unpredictable and sometimes overwhelming world. When our dog's know that we can read their signals, predict their behaviour and are willing to hold them accountable to it, they feel safe and secure in our presence. Structure, predictability, are all things dog's love and crave. 

4. Health&Wellness | Enrichment/Exercise

Enrich your dog’s life and your own by experiencing new/novel places and activities together. Life experience is huge in creating a cultured canine. Our domestic dogs no longer get to explore new territory, sights, sounds, smells as they please. So provide them at minimum some consistent, daily, mental and physical exercise. When it comes to the health of your dog, understand that the body is a complex group of systems that all work together towards a goal of health. Understand that if your dog is struggling whether physically, psychologically, emotionally, those weakness' will affect other facets of them and ultimately their behaviour. Regular health check ups, attentiveness to daily bodily functions, and offering your dog appropriate nutrients and portions that maintain a healthy body and weight are key to preventing/diagnosing issues before they become apparent. Follow your intuition, problem solve-think out of the box, trust your gut, keep searching for answers until some one has some that make sense to you. Whether it's nutritional, physical, behavioural, or anything else, don't be scared to ask questions and keep asking them until you're satisfied with the answer. You are your dog's voice. Don't be afraid to speak up. 

5. Freedom & Fulfillment | Biological Fulfillment.

There are things essential to fulfilling a ‘dog’ and then there’s looking even deeper and fulfilling your dog's breed. Because our dogs no longer serve working roles in our human lives we restrict and even downright refuse to engage and connect with them on their instinctual level. By never providing them an outlet for their unique drives, many dogs suffer miserably in silence. Fulfill them as a dog, through; walks, affection, discipline. Fulfill them as a breed and an individual through their instincts we as humans helped to hone and breed into them. What was your dog's breed meant to do? Discover what makes your dog 'tick' so you can truly fulfill them and give them the feeling of purpose they've been missing. Learn how to connect with them on a primal level.