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News and Updates on The Balanced Pack

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Spring Is In The Air!

izzie keyes

Spring has Sprung at The Balanced Pack and many projects that been growing for a while now are finally starting to blossom! Some new and exciting changes are slowly coming into effect with daycare. Group classes have resumed with the warmer weather and our new and improved private training programs have been updated on the website. We've finally nailed down a source for affordable Pack clothing, for you all to strut in style on your walks. We're loving the items we've ordered so far. Last but not least.. We're welcoming you all to come out and enjoy a spring Pack Walk in April. So many exciting things happening within the pack over the next few months!


New Collar Policy for Walks

As of March 15th 2016, it is mandatory for all dogs wishing to continue receiving walks during their daycare visits to come to daycare each day in an approved training collar. You may choose either a properly fitted buckle martingale collar, Halti, prong collar(Hermsprenger), Slip Collar(no slip chains), or Slip lead. We have been supplying the dogs with a slip lead up until now, so if you're not particularly picky, Ordering a Mendota 5/8" or 1/2" slip lead in either 6/4ft length from They are also available locally at Wholesale Sports-limited size/color/length options. We strongly recommend you discuss with us before you make the purchase so we can further specify size and fit for your dog. We also have all these tools on hand to give you a quick demo of fit/function. If you are impartial to whether your dog is included in our group walks and are fine with them just playing with their friends throughout the day, this policy does not apply. Your dog must only be fitted and wearing a specified training collar to daycare if you wish for them to continue receiving walks. If you do not bring your dog in their collar, or only supply a flat collar or harness, they will not be walked. So being diligent on suiting them up each day/or leaving it in the car, will be your responsibility!

Pricing Structure Changes

I mentioned earlier in the year that I had designed and considered implementing a new package/payment type system. This received a lot of buzz and I've had you all asking about it ever since-I may have gotten too excited announcing that, getting everyone's feathers ruffled a few months earlier then necessary. However, I have done some more breakdown of the system and think we will go ahead and give it a try. My thoughts are to implement this as a 1 month Trial period, to get some feedback from you guys and whether you're finding it convenient, easy, etc. This will also just put your current 10 passes on hold during the trial period (or you're welcome to use them as extra days during the trial month-more on that later) andit will have no affect to the monthly clients passes.  A further evaluation of how to disperse remaining package days can be dealt with then as well. I won't add too much more on that here, I think it best to address the full details in a later post!


A structured steps class has just been set to start April 2/16! Get ahead of the pack and get those walks under control and your dog casually strolling at your side before those beautiful summer evening walks ahead! Check out the Events page for more info on this class and how to get registered!

Words from Graduates..
"Mia and I just went for the best walk! I can't thank you enough for the great teaching and support!" - Shanna & Mia

Want to see a class scheduled? Our classes are held with interest, so if there's something you want to see-just let us know what you're looking for by filling out a registration form on any of our class descriptions pages, so we can gauge interest and set a class date!

Training Workshops are now listed on the website as well. These can be a great option for those who's schedules don't align with a class, but are ready to get training! These workshops can be held publicly, privately or semi-privately (get some friends and their dogs and learn a new skill together)


We finally have those private training programs we've been bragging about updated and on the website! Welcome our Courteous Canine, Refined Canine and Prestigious Pooch programs. We are very excited to get working with you all through these new curriculums and see the massive changes they can create in your dogs and you as well!

Let's Do This!

Let's Do This!


Now accepting orders for TBP clothing!

We have finally nailed down a supplier for quality, affordable, TBP logo'd gear. Although it's not as customized as originally considered, the selection and price can't be beat! Whether you choose embroidery or printed, the price and quality of work is exceeding my expectations. You're also not limited to certain colors or styles (I know there was great hoodie vs. zip-up debate) now you can have anything you can imagine with The Balanced Pack's logo on it! Over 30 pages of styles/colors, your options for personalized TBP gear are endless!

All items listed on this page can be ordered, there are no minimum quantity's. However, if there are multiple people who end up ordering the same brand or style, the cost per piece will go down. So when browsing price, it's safest to reference the highest listed price.

Once you have reviewed the items email with the following info: Item Name- Brand, Size, Desired Color, if embroidery- Desired thread colors. Once we have received your order, we will review and you will be sent an invoice for total due before/on order date. ORDER GOING IN MARCH 30/2016


This early spring has us excited to get out and get active with our pooches on hikes again, so we're welcoming our extended TBP family for an afternoon of fun outside with the dogs. Weather Permitting I'd like to organize a fun few hours for us to pack walk down and around Kinookimaw(past Regina Beach onto gravel) There is beautiful rolling hills and landscape for the dogs to roam, sniff, play and be dogs! Dogs are welcome to be on or off leash and we will bring long lines with us for those who wish to give their dog freedom, while still feeling a sense of security. Stay tuned for more info on this in our Facebook Events section as well as the Events page here on the website.

Kinookimaw Area

Kinookimaw Area