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Mind Your Manners - Group Class

Does your dog blow you off? Jump all over counters and guests? Are they running the show and a chaotic one at that? Does your dog need better focus and polite manners? 

This class will focus firstly on establishing leadership/setting boundaries, rather then specific cues or commands. We will equip you with tools/techniques to empower you and teach you simple, effective exercises to regain order in your household.

in this class we will cover..

- Boundary Training(respect for thresholds - no more door/Car bolting)

- out(leave it) command

- Place(go to your bed)

- Name/attention games

- Waiting for the food bowl/feeding games

- Real life 'set up' class where we will show you how to apply things learned in class, to real life scenarios at home

six week class - week one dogs come to class - crate is required as first half of week 1 will consist of instructions and discussion and your undivided attention is appreciated.


  • clicker

  • hand outs/reference material

  • graduation ribbon


  • securely fitted training collar (martingale, slip, prong, halti, etc)

  • no flat buckle collars

  • ideally 4ft, or 6ft nylon/leather leash/slip lead

  • no metal/cable leashes

  • most importantly; a big smile and willingness to learn!

Cost: 160 $