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— Jonathan L.

We do daycare differently. Run by educated and experienced dog professionals, dedicated to helping dogs be their best selves, we truly care about your dogs social experience. Our structured program has an emphasis on helping dogs communicate and navigate social situations with grace. Giving them a safe space to allow their unique personality to flourish.

We are not an all-day free for all, we are not a cage free facility, we do not accept all dogs, and we are not a “purely positive” daycare. As trainers, we know better than to allow non-stop action and excitement that will negatively impact your dogs behaviour/mental health.

We understand offering your dog a quiet and calm place to relax by themselves through the day, will allow them to process all the good they’re learning.

We won’t accept your dog at the expense of their mental, physical, and emotional health, because we know even the best run daycare isn’t always an environment that all dogs will thrive, we will however encourage you to pursue training because we want you to have and invest in achieving an amazing relationship together first and foremost.

We’re experienced and educated enough to know that the most successful way to manage, mediate, and set our dogs up for success in a social situation is to keep it simple. Building reliability into marker words and cues, while also communicating using the pressures they naturally understand and use with each other; sound, body language, eye contact, and the occasionally necessary touch.


adventure days

Real socialization in the real world. We take our trusty pack out on a 2-4hr adventure to visit one of our province’s many beautiful parks. On leash pack walks, off leash exploring, every adventure is a new and unique day with the dogs!

in-home boarding

When they can’t come with, they’ll want to come here! Leave your pup with the people they already know, like, & trust! A safe, secure, and structured sleepover experience to maintain and ensure your hard work on training/manners remains in place upon your return!

dog walking

*More information coming soon

*Walkers Wanted - Email to inquire