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Fundamental Obedience - Group Class

Are you looking for a fun, informative class? Do you want a dog that listens the first time, all the time? Does your dog have a basic understanding of obedience commands, but everything seems to go out the window in an exciting environment or when a more enticing distraction comes along? 

This class is about perfecting the fundamentals for pet/sport dog owner alike. obedience isn't just about teaching you dog to 'sit or down' on command, it's a bonding experience, a relationship builder and creates a mutually understood vocabulary between you and your dog. this class will focus on teaching/building on these invaluable commands: 

-Recall(come when called)

-Place(Go to your bed)


-Conversational leash work(loose leash walking)

-The Structured Walk(Heel) 

six week class - no dogs first class - owners only


  • clicker

  • hand outs/reference material

  • graduation ribbon


  • training Collar (martingale, slip, prong, halti)

  • no flat buckle collars/harness'

  • ideally 4ft, or 6ft nylon/leather leash/slip lead

  • no metal/cable/flexi leashes

  • 15-25ft rope/nylon long line (Cabellas, cowtown, etc)

  • most importantly a smile and willingness to learn!

cost: 160$