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Training F.A.Q


 All our programs can be personalized to fit your needs. Since every dog is an individual and every owner has different goals, the prices and program outlines vary to match what you are looking for. All our programs include components to achieve best results in the long run including private lessons, socialization visits, access to group lessons and other special events. We also include training equipment in the cost of our programs. Since all dog's and owners have individual needs, all programs are personalized. For exact pricing and more information please contact us to set up a phone or in person evaluation.

What payment methods do you take?

We accept cash, credit card(paypal) and e-transfer.

What kind of dogs do you train?

We focus on real world, pet dog training for the outdoor enthusiast who likes to include their dog into as many aspects of life as possible and we specialize in off leash reliability. While also helping families live in harmony with their out of control dog. We train all breeds (big and small) and at any age. We have a special love for the bully breeds, as they're often misunderstood and misrepresented in media. 

You specialize in Off Leash Training, how are you getting dog's to come when called EVERY time?

We strongly believe that all dogs should have the pleasure of enjoying off leash time to romp around but we also want the owner to feel safe and trust the dog will come back every time so you can all really enjoy your activities. All training starts on leash, so we're always able to guide our dogs to success, once reliability on leash is achieved, we layer in the remote collar at low levels, over their existing, speedy, responses to commands. While the remote collar can and is an extremely valuable tool and the only one that can guarantee off leash reliability, it is not to be experimented with in the hands of inexperienced professionals or owners, without educated guidance.  We have spent thousands of hours and years studying all facets of the remote collar, so please do not simply purchase any collar, we use top quality equipment, not cheap wal-mart collars. So unless you will be instructed by a professional in the tool, leave the collar and the shelf.  

What training services do you offer; private lessons, group classes, etc?

A little bit of everything! While group classes are a popular go-to for most owners to attempt to curb unwanted behaviour, as professionals we know this thinking can often backfire for various reasons. Our training is geared to ensure maximum success for both owner and dog. We believe your relationship with your dog starts at home, how you live and interact with them on a daily basis, sure they may be able to perform a few tricks at a class-but can you walk them peacefully around your neighbourhood? Can you trust them to listen at home? We offer private training programs for all ages, that start by getting you both connected at and around home, then out in the real world.

That said, group class is an important part of dog training for proofing skills, socialization, and continued learning. So once owner and dog are comfortable and ready, they're welcomed to attend our client exclusive group classes(Many included in our programs, meaning no additional cost to you.)  In our classes we provide a structured and controlled training and socialization opportunity with trained dogs of all temperaments, and their equally trained owners. Ensuring a calm, controlled, learning environment for all participants. 

We offer a variety of training types whether board & train, private training, day camp, or group classes..

We ask every potential client to chat with us during an in person or phone evaluation so we can answer any questions and ensure we can together pick and personalized the training option that fits you best and guarantees you the most success.

Do you do use treats/food for training?

Yes. While we do incorporate food as a motivator in our training, it is not used for all of our training, and when used, the goal is to eventually fade out the frequency of reinforcement. We occasionally use treats, but would rather encourage our clients to use the dogs actual meals.

What kind of training tools do you use?

As versatile trainers who's goal is to help you achieve the best and most reliable results, we try to use whatever works best for the dogs, as well as the humans. We use the following but are not limited to: regular leashes, slip leashes, food and toys as well as martingale collars, slip collars, head halters and harnesses, prong collars and remote training collars, pet correctors, bark collars, and others.  

are we the right trainer for you? 

We LOVE dogs and have dedicated our lives and careers to them.  Our goal is to keep dogs healthy, happy and in their homes!  We treat all our clients how we want to be treated and their dogs like we would our own.  We take a very professional, HONEST approach to helping you and your pets live a peaceful life together. We do reserve the right to refuse services if we feel uncomfortable or if this is not going to be a HEALTHY and positive working relationship.  Or if you are not keeping up on your end of the bargain in terms of doing the homework we ask you to do. If we don't feel we're a great fit for you, your dog, and your training goals we will happily refer you to another trainer that might be a better solution for you and your dogs.  This is why filling out our contact form in great detail, as well as being open and honest during your phone consultation is so important to ensure we're a good fit for each other. We go above and beyond for our clients, and have built our business on good long standing relationships with them.  We love to work with open minded people who appreciate what we do, understand the hours of dedication and learning we've undertaken to serve them best, and understand/can relate to our training philosophy!  

are you the right client for us?

We are looking to work with clients that are committed to the process and are more than ready to the change their relationship with their dogs.  That means sometimes taking a hard look at our own behaviors and how they are affecting life with our dogs.  Changes in our interactions with our dogs can sometimes feel foreign and strange to begin with, but like any habits and patterns, when we are aware of them, we can start to make changes.  We are looking for clients that are committed to completing their homework assigned each session and following through on the recommendations we give.  Also that are dedicated to following the behavior modification plan, and commit to this wholeheartedly so that it becomes a WAY OF LIFE, all our success depends on it.  If we're all on the same page, the opportunity's for growth are limitless! 

how long will it take to 'fix' my dog? 

We don't us the word "fix" because once a dog or human is rehabilitated they aren't fixed. You will have to be mindful that they have areas of weakness just like humans do.  You will see RESULTS AFTER YOUR FIRST SESSION, which should motivate you to continue on your journey, which will be really intense process, but it takes 21 DAYS TO CREATE A HABIT and 90 DAYS TO CREATE A LIFESTYLE.  But you also have to ask yourself how long have these bad habits been going on?  How committed are you to the process?  Or your dog to the behaviour? How much time do you have to work with your dog?   Keep in mind after you have completed a training program or have approval from your trainer, you have access to our monthly PACK WALKS, WORKSHOPS, and ADD ON training sessions to keep practicing everything you are learning with your dog.  If you stay committed to the process and implement training into your daily life, you will be on your way to a new life with your dog!

how can you diagnose and recommend a training program over the phone? don't you need to see my dog and his behaviours? 

While we know your dog is a unique individual, often times the behaviours displayed are not individual to your dog. We have handled hundreds, if not thousands of dogs over the years, which means we've seen a lot of behaviour, and a lot of owner influence. Through our phone evaluation we will ask a series of questions that will help us to diagnose and assess your current situation/needs, as well as your training goals. If we feel an in person evaluation would be best to assess your situation, we will arrange a time with you to meet at our facility, the fee for an in-person evaluation is 40$+GST, that amount can then be taken off the cost of the recommended program's total upon sign up at evaluation. Regardless of which program is ultimately prescribed, we know with your dedication to success, we can help you and your dog get to a healthy, calm, and enjoyable space together. We're committed to you and your dog's success.