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Frequenty Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers!

1. Can I bring a snack or meal for my puppy or dog to daycare?

-You're welcome to bring a lunch/snack free of charge, raw diets welcome. We frequently use our dogs provided meals for training time, so please, feel free! 

2. Can my dog wear dog boots or a jacket outside during play groups or walks while at daycare? 

-Yes! You're more then welcome to bring your dogs winter coat or a sweater, unlike other larger facility's, our supervision ensures no one will get picked on for wearing their pink coat. However please don't bring your most expensive or prized coat, slobber happens! Booties can be supplied for walks during winter months, however bring at your own risk, we cannot guarantee every bootie will make it home after a walk! 

3. Do you accept intact dogs into your daycare and play groups? 

-Yes and No. First and foremost admittance of intact dogs will be at the discretion of Izzie. Intact female dogs may attend, however please keep them home while in heat. Intact male dogs, who do not mark, are accepted. Because it is our home, marking of walls or furniture is not as easily 'cleaned' as a larger, more industrial facility. If your dog

has a history of marking indoors or in new places, we may not be the ideal facility for you.

4. Do you provide grooming services for daycare dogs? 

-Yes! I am a certified groomer. All grooming services outside of nail trims require advanced notice. Please do not bring your dog and expect a full groom to be fit in that day. Basic services can be performed during their day with us: Bathing, Brushing, Nail trims, Sanitary trims for all sizes. Utility shaves(full shaves) for small dogs only. 


*Sorry for any inconvenience but currently we do not have the time to create pattern cuts. Please refer to our awesome groomer referrals under Resources!

5. Should I bring toys, blankets or treats for my dog to enjoy during their day? 

We provide a gratuitous amount of high quality durable toys, bones, antlers and treats for our guests to enjoy through out the day, so feel free to leave your personals at home! If your dog has specific allergies, feel free to bring an acceptable treat or food for their training time. We also provide raised bedding and crates, so no need to cart yours over for the day.

6. What forms of payment are accepted?

-We accept Cash, Cheque(made to Izzie Keyes) and E-Transfer (

7. Can I let my dog off leash upon entering or leaving the facility?

-No! Dogs should be on leash(as per Regina City Bylaw) and under control(just because the leash is 6ft, doesn't mean you can't hold it lower) upon entering the facility. Your dog likely considers this an awesome place; use this high value reward to your advantage, ask for calm, polite behavior while approaching daycare. Don't let them drag you! Here's a great example of how to go about dropping your dog off for the day "Calm Drop Off - by Jeff Gellman"

8. What do I do if some one has arrived before me? 

-If you see someone has arrived before you, please be respectful and wait. Excited dogs meeting in tight spaces isn't a recipe for a great introduction for some dogs. Just because someone's my friend, doesn't mean I enjoy them rushing up In my face to say"Hi". Your dogs have space bubbles too! Some dogs are also working on issues with people coming into their space, before they're comfortable. So please keep your distance from those coming or going, for your safety and their peace of mind. If they're lunging and barking at you, they don't want to come say Hi :) 

9. My pets not feeling so good, can I still bring them to daycare when they're under the weather? 

-In short, Please keep your pet home. If they aren't feeling great (lethargic, vomiting, not eating, etc) the last thing they likely want or need to do, is be at daycare. They should be at home resting and getting plenty of fluids, so not to exasperate the bug any further. The quicker they feel better, the quicker they can back to playing with their friends! Since dogs share community water dishes here and have almost constant interaction. Bugs can spread quickly. Better safe then sorry! 

10. do you board dogs? are you available to watch my dog when I go on vacation?

-No, We are not a boarding facility. We work long hours during the week and look forward to spending time with our own pets on evenings and weekends. Although we are extremely educated in running a tight ship in a boarding facility, with the hours we work now between daycare and training, accommodating boarding would be too much. We need time-off too :) In the future when we acquire a 'facility', this will be an available service, however in the meantime we have recommendations for quality kennels under Resources. 

11. My pet needs medication during the day, are you able to accommodate?

-Absolutely, we've been certified in Pet First Aid since 2010. Over my years working in boarding kennels, I have become very familiar with administering a variety of medication including Insulin Injections.

12. What collar or harness do you use when walking the dogs?

-All dogs are walked on an escape proof slip lead. Having used in kennels for years, there is no safer option. We do not use flexi leashes, metal leashes or harness'(Unless approved by Izzie) Prong collars, martingales and Halti's may be used, upon discussion with you the owner and the tools are provided to us.