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Every Dog Essentials

 Indy (Alumni) on a day trip to RONA, holding a Down in the plant section. Indy was once human/dog reactive, but you should see her now!

Indy (Alumni) on a day trip to RONA, holding a Down in the plant section. Indy was once human/dog reactive, but you should see her now!


Finley the husky enrolled in one of our private programs to get some of his walk shenanigans under control. First lesson and he's already got his walks completely turned around! Good Job team!

the Training every dog needs,                                so you can enjoy every day life

First we help you train your dog in all the essential obedience commands, then we'll teach you how to utilize that obedience in your home, and in public, guiding you through all the real world situations life brings. We ensure you've learned to read your dog, recognize, and then prevent bad behaviour before it starts. Obedience isn't just for the show ring, and certainly doesn’t have to be boring! We'll show you why it's essential part of an enjoyable life with your dog. With this new line of communication, new habits, and new found connection, you're sure to have a dog that listens all the time.

  • We'll teach you how to get a fabulous structured walk - keeping your shoulder's in their sockets!
  • Your dog will learn their name, how to come when called, and how to respect thresholds - keeping them from bolting out doorways, or playing catch me if you can. 
  • They'll learn to sit/down/go to their bed when asked - keeping them out from underfoot in the kitchen, or from jumping on guests, which will only help them(and you!) stay calm. 

This program focuses on building solid, reliable on leash obedience, in any age dog which can then be utilized easily to encourage good behaviour/choices/habits. Ultimately preventing, discouraging and eliminating common misbehaviours by simple establishing better structure and habits at both ends of the leash.

Our training also requires lots of self reflection and evaluation of your behaviour and thinking, we are a huge influence on our dogs. We'll take the time to explain the common mistakes made when living with dogs, that ultimately sacrifice the quality of life for both human and dog. Your trainer will help you connect and see not only a different side of your dog, but also yourself. 

We have noticed huge improvements and many successes in how we communicate and interact with our dog (and ultimately seeing positive changes in her behaviour). We obtained the right tools for us and tailored instruction on how to implement and make positive lasting changes. This has helped us so much and we are so thankful for everything TBP has taught us and their exceptional expertise and knowledge!!!
— Krista Sali