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Jay Jack - Play As the Way Seminar
to Oct 14

Jay Jack - Play As the Way Seminar

The Balanced Pack is proud to present the one and only Jay Jack. He will be in Regina, SK this October and will be presenting his Play As the Way-Social Responsibility Foundations seminar on the Saturday the 13th and Sunday Oct 14th. Two jam packed days of learning, playing and more, with both working and audit spots available. 

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If the foundation of your training, or you/your dogs relationship, doesn’t involve game play, it will no doubt become a part of it after attending this workshop. If you’re already using game play in your training, then there’s really nowhere you should be but here, expanding your skillset even further! 

Jay Jack is unique. There’s no other way to put it, from his unique upbringing/background in dogs, to his love of teaching martial arts, to his animated, engaging, and dynamic presentation style paired with perfectly placed profanity. You quite possibly won’t attend a seminar as unique and eye opening as one of Jay’s. His passion for his training systems, for the dogs, is off the charts, there’s really no one who loves a challenge, or a challenging dog, more than Jay Jack. He’s a straight shooter, a true pitbull advocate, and a blessing to dogs all over the world. 

Izzie was once a self proclaimed tug-killer, horrible at the game, none of her dogs tugged with her- that was until she attended a Jay Jack seminar in Washington 3 years ago. Now she’s no longer a buzzkill to play with(so say her dogs) and has been determined to help spread his mind blowing teachings back home in Canada. Since that seminar, Jay has been invited to present his ideas and methods in seminars all over North America, to visit Aimee Sadler and the Dogs Playing for Life program, where he worked with dogs rescued from a dog fighting operation in Ontario. Most recently Jay alongside Chad Mackin, completed a month long tour of Australia, working with some of their best and brightest. He has even spoken on and presented his tug philosophy at the 2016 IACP Conference, he has influenced some of the best and biggest names in the industry in just a few short years. 

We’re so excited to finally welcome him here to Regina(it only took 3 years!) whether you’re a trainer, dog enthusiast, or just an eager student of an owner, looking to expand their skill set (and their beliefs) than this seminar is for you. 

Play as the Way Topic Summary: This will discuss the concept or addressing foundation training through game play. These games will develop relationship, as well as skills that you will use to navigate the world. This training is fun, and fair. It is biologically fulfilling, and emotionally uplifting. There will be games with toys, food, leashes, harnesses, and yourself. This foundation program will give your dog biological fulfillment. And, it will give both of you the skills to handle life. IF there are any issues that remain after you finish your foundation…. The relationship and skills you make through these games, will help carry you through that rehab process. Yes, training like this is fun. And…. It works.

Working Spots- 575$ CAN +GST (limit 10)         Audit Spots- 300$ CAN +GST

Jay will also be presenting his Pitbulls 101 lecture Friday October 12th, for more information on that event and how to get tickets, Click Here.

To get a sense of Jay, his passion and his addiction to biological fulfillment watch the video below of him presenting at the IACP Conference.

Biological Fulfillment, and Rehabilitation, through game play. Presented at the I.A.C.P. Conference in September of 2016. Includes the full presentation, and bonus video footage not included at the conference. Full 2..5 hour video available for streaming at

Why bring Jay jack to Regina? Every owner wants to be able to play with their dog(s), but do we really know how to do it properly? Do we truly understand the value and purpose that play has to our dogs, and are we harnessing it correctly? Owners and dogs everywhere are missing out on the bonding, fulfillment and relationship that can be achieved through game play. 

So whether you have a dog that won’t fetch, a dog that won’t tug for anything, a dog that won’t drop it or plays catch me if you can, or if you were told ‘tug makes dogs aggressive’, you need to be at this seminar. 

If your a motivational trainer, dog sport competitor, or life long learner of all things dog, we guarantee you will learn something new and leave this seminar with nothing but smiles, enthusiasm, and inspiration to get out and get training by playing! 

Sensitive dogs, aggressive dogs, hyper dogs, all will benefit from Jay’s unique approach and presentation of what might appear to be a basic activity. 

To learn more about Jay’s training philosophy visit the link below..

To Learn a bit more about Jay, how he trains, and what he’s all about, visit the links below to read, listen, or watch how Jay works his magic!

-Youtube: Tug a Deeper Perspective ....

Co-Host of the Dog Training Conversations Podcast (w/Chad Mackin) :

Next Level Dogs Blog: 

3 Bad Bullies Blog:

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Pitbulls 101 (Lecture)
6:00 PM18:00

Pitbulls 101 (Lecture)

Join us Friday, October 12th to hear Jay Jack give his unique perspective on the world of bully breeds, specifically pitbulls. Growing up alongside these intense, lovable, yet drivey dogs. Jay knows pits, owns pits, loves pits, and has even created a dog sport (GRC Dogsports) specifically to see these amazing athletes excel in not only sport, but life as well. 

Lecture Topic Summary: 

The history of Pit Bulls and Dog Fighting. The truth about the breed and the selective pressures that made them. Understanding how the old dogmen created dog aggression, and how we can avoid accidentally creating it. What training methods and concepts they used that WERE good, and we should consider keeping or expanding on! How to use this understanding to integrate dogs with fighting tendencies into a home. Or, RE integrate dogs after a fight.

No dogs. No hands on training will be done. This is Lecture, and interactive Q & A only. 

Cost - 40$+gst per Ticket can be purchased in person at The Balanced Pack (1125 Winnipeg st)



Whether you work in rescue, breed high drive breeds, are a breed advocate and owner, or anything in between. Jay will give you a true, unfiltered history of the breed, and understanding about the dogs we see today that so many of us have come to love and live with. If you have a crazy pitbull, chances are Jay would like to meet them! Even if you don't own a pitbull, or bully breed, there is so much great DOG information that will presented in this lecture that will help owners understand how to avoid accidentally creating aggression. 

To learn more about Jay's seminar he's presenting following this lecture look for the Play as the Way: Social Responsibility Foundations, event also listed in this calendar!

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