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Dream Dog Essentials


Training that will stand the test of time 

You may not feel like you have your dream dog yet, but by the end of this immersive program there won't be anything you won't be prepared to handle. This program dives deeper into your handler education, making it the perfect choice for first time owners, but especially for owners who truly want to connect with their dog on deeper level. 

This program differs from our Every Dog Program in that you receive more time with the trainer to solidify your dogs commands with yourself, family members, or in new situations. We'll dive deeper into the mind and behaviour of your dog, developing a comprehensive behaviour modification plan. 

If you want to come out of your training program feeling inspired by your newfound knowledge and take your dogs skills way beyond the backyard, this program is sure to have you thinking and acting like a trainer by the end of it. 

We believed our dog could be better and do more and be more! And we believed that about ourselves too. All of us have come so far in 2 months already. It’s been unreal. We still have a “drama queen” of a dog sometimes, and are still working on our relationship that suffered for a year before we started this training, but I would never ever want to go back to the way it was. We believed so many lies for so long. “She’ll grow out of it, she’s just a puppy” or “that’s just what dogs do” (as she destroyed my $200 pair of shoes) and “oh but she’s such a nice dog, why does she need extra training?” Our relationship with our pup has changed immensely over 2 months and I can’t say enough thanks for all that you ladies have taught us and our dog. 💗👏 I love that there’s more room for us to grow and learn still, but we are loving the progress so far.
— Kendra Leir