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Are you a busy professional who loves their dog, but feels guilty leaving them home alone all week? Maybe you have a young, impressionable puppy who would benefit from socialization with a group of positive canine influences? Or does your dog struggle with other dogs, due to lack of exposure, or bad experiences in the past?

Our Daycare specializes in socialization solutions for dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments. We strongly believe leaving your dog in a daycare shouldn't feel like your 'rolling the dice', allow our experienced industry professionals to put both you, and your dog at ease. 

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socialization at its finest

Here at The Balanced Pack we pride ourselves on our ability to help all dogs connect with their instincts and with each other. We take the time to carefully orchestrate new-dog introductions, play matchmaker, and always monitor play for healthy/appropriate interactions. Here socialization doesn't just mean a free for all-all day long, while group play sessions are a big part of daycare, we also take the time to enrich our guests minds and body with structured outlets like: Pack Walks, 1-1 Play/Training Sessions, Store Outings, Field Trips, Treadmill Training, and More! 

Group Place Command (working on Impulse Control)

Group Place Command (working on Impulse Control)

what we do

Under the watchful and trained eye of our trainers/staff, here dogs learn social etiquette around food, toys, attention, all in a group setting, helping to create a well rounded, social dog, with the communication skills to handle even some of the trickiest socialization situations with grace.

We socialize dogs of all sizes and breeds together or separately, as their individual comfort level allows, we feel it is important all breeds & sizes learn how to adjust their play, yield, share space and coexist together in peace. Even if they don't 'play' together, they're taught to be respectful and courteous to one another. Our role as matchmakers often leads to equally sized play mates. 

We provide daily pack walks(weather/time permitting) during which we practice our structured walk, work on impulse control, take lots of photos, and of course take time to stop and smell the roses, providing a healthy balance between rules & freedom. Group walks allow the dogs to experience the world together, which cultivates strong bonds amongst the pack. Walks also provide our nervous, timid, or 'less playful' pack members an opportunity to engage with the group an indirect, yet stimulating way.  

Pack Walkin'

Pack Walkin'

how we do it

Not only have we spent thousands and thousands of hours observing, analyzing and watching dog interactions, we've also taken the time to learn from some of the best and brightest on the subject of Socialization. Whether we've learned it from experience ourselves, or heard it preached by socialization experts, there's a rhyme and reason to why we do everything we do here at TBP. While some daycare's restrict or remove the use of toys, we provide TONS. (Click Here to Learn Why) While other facility's may restrict socializing small/large dogs, we're confident in our ability to read and manage them to ensure safety for all. We'd rather teach small dogs that their signals and space will be advocated for, while teaching our larger guests to remain mindful and respectful towards smaller dogs, rather than never allowing interaction. Dogs are dogs, at TBP we treat them all as such, regardless of size. 

We're still the only facility in Regina, SK, to provide a true enrichment activity to our guests- walks. We have spent years perfecting our ability to help transform even the hardest pullers, into mindful walking partners, so that we can help our pack members see and experience the world in a whole new way-together.

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