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Day Training

play & Learn

Great foundations take consistency, a keen eye and reliable follow through in order to ensure ultimate understanding. Your dog will learn all the essentials in the skilled hands of our trainers. Their attention to detail will ensure your dogs success every step of the way. When they're not in a lesson with their trainer, they will enjoy the company of other dogs, allowing them to connect with their instincts and attach great memories to their training. At the end of each week your trainer will meet with you to discuss what they covered that week, and teach you how to foster the same success at home. 


puppy camp(s)

Early exposure to new sights, sounds, textures & smells. Meeting stable dogs and learning the nuances of body language. Essential obedience commands for an enjoyable life together.. Just a few of the things your new puppy will learn & experience in TBP's Puppy Camp!


Courteous Canine camp

Reliable commands, great leash manners and calm behaviour. You want all that for your dog(and yourself) but struggling to find the necessary time to train the repetitive foundations yourself? Let our trainers take a load of you, we'll give your dog expert instruction and then we'll show you how to maintain the results rather than create them from scratch!


Refined Canine camp

You want reliability, good manners, and calm behaviour, but why stop there? You want your dog to be off-leash reliable, because you want to give them all the freedom you know they deserve, but just can't find the time to put in the necessary, but repetitive work you need to get to that off leash reliability-where you trust they'll listen the first time, every time. Let us do the hardest work, and then we'll give you the skills to maintain and keep your dog expertly trained.