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Courteous Canine

  • Does your dog just need some manners?
  • Are they engaging in some embarrassing or frustrating behaviors in the home or when guests come over, like rushing the door, jumping to say hello, stealing snacks of the counter or making a chew toy out of your hand?
  • Are you struggling to have enjoyable walks and would really like to take back the lead?

In this program we will help you lay a solid obedience foundation on your dog, which we will then teach you how to use in every day, real life scenario's. Your dog will love the training and so will you. In no time those bad habits will disappear and friends and family will be so impressed with how far you've come in your training! Take back control and restore peace to your household with this program. Say good bye to a disconnected, unruly dog and Hello to your Courteous Canine!

On-Leash Obedience, 4 Lessons Total

Covers: Loose Leash walking, Place(go to your bed), Sit/Down, Wait(thresholds and doorways), Leave it/Out(drop it)


  • Training Equipment
  • 2 Free Daycare visits
  • Handouts
  • 1 year Email support/access to our secret Alumni FB group
  • Free access to Pack Walks.

3 In Home Lessons, 1 Off Site/Real world, Follow up Lesson

Cost: 480$