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Stop F*cking Settling

Shayla Hagel

Stop f*cking settling. 

That’s what you’re doing with your dogs behaviour. You’re settling with the leash pulling/reactivity, the hyperactivity when going out in public or having guests over, the anxiety/fear of new places/people/dogs. 

You’re settling with lack of household manners, horrible greeting manners, shitty listening skills. 

You’re accepting your dogs destructive behaviour of your property/belongings. Their lack of respect of personal space. Their inability to accommodate YOU for once. 

You’re settling for a spoiled dog. 

What’s the definition of spoiled? Rotten, gone bad. No longer good. 

Why? Why are you settling for all that? 

Because you can’t or don’t want to admit you don’t have all the answers. You think that’s just the way it has to be. You don’t want to make the hard choices, do the work or make the time. You don’t want to invest mentally, emotionally or financially in the solutions. 

Or maybe you’ve been told lies. Lies from “professional” dog trainers who told you that your dogs behaviours are who your dog is. You can’t change that. 

Or you can only change those behaviours you don’t like using treats, toys and praise. 

You can’t ever tell your dog “no” in any sort of way cause that’ll ruin your relationship with them. 

Or if you do need to correct your dogs behaviour the dog must not know that the correction came from you. 

🗯NEWS FLASH: your relationship with your dog already sucks so those are all LIES! 🗯

Maybe you tried the advice given from the cookie pushing dog trainer and maybe got some skills like sit or down, while there’s a cookie in your hand and no distractions 🙄 and tried to implement their type of “corrections” or deescalating of behaviours with little to no results. 

You’ve just been looking in all the wrong places for solutions. 

But in the meantime you’re still dealing with the consequences of a spoiled dog. 

You don’t get to include your dog in your everyday life. You have to accommodate your dog and their needs, wants, whenever and whatever they may be. 

Most of the time the words coming from your mouth is meaningless to your dog. There’s no real communication and understanding going on. You’re two different species living under the same roof trying to coexist peacefully and it’s not working out. 

So you call us. We get on the phone with you. We listen to your concerns and pains. We tell you there’s real solutions to your problems. 

We can help you and your dog learn to communicate and understand each other. We can get you guys living peacefully under one roof AND get you out in the real world with a socially responsible canine that is a pleasure to take out. 

And we won’t lie to you. We tell you the truth. We take the time to show and guide you through the behaviours you want from your dog and tell you how to fairly and appropriately address unwanted behaviours. 

We tell you there’s going to be work involved. You’ll have to get off your butt and move. You’ll have to get out of your comfort zone of home and go explore your community. You’ll have to attend group sessions where distractions are increased. 

Mentally you’re going to learn more than you ever have. You’re going to learn more than your dog. Let’s face it a dog already knows how to dog, sometimes we just have to remind them but it’s mostly the humans that don’t understand dog culture and language. That’s what we need to teach you. 

There’s going to be things you’ll have to do that you might not emotionally be comfortable with like maybe no longer treating your dog like a human child. You’ll have to stop letting it crawl all over you and giving you wet, sloppy, slobbery kisses all over your face. 

You’ll have to man up and advocate for your dog in situations where you might be hesitant because you’re too much of a people pleaser. 

You’ll have to put your dogs feelings/emotions ahead of your own. You’ll have to learn to understand a different perspective-which is that of your dogs. You're going to learn to value what they have to teach you. 

You will have to pay for your knowledge. Our knowledge didn’t come cheap, or easy. We trudged through the mess of trial and error with our own dogs. We screwed up multiple times-trying to find the right answers to our questions in group classes, online, all while our dogs endured the brunt of those failed training attempts. 

Our relationships with our dogs has suffered. The difference is we didn't give up, we buckled down, we bought in, we decided to look outside of our part of the world for answers. We travelled hours upon hours using money from our own pockets to learn from the best of the best to be able to do and have what we have with our dogs now. 

The money, time, mental work, pushed us out of our comfort zones, we went through the emotions. Learned from experience. Did the hard work. So we could help owners avoid the same mistakes we did. Save you money, save you time, precious time you could spend enjoying your dog, rather then googling how to train him. Sometimes people come back to us saying the cost of training is too much, but the cost of not training is much higher. You can sacrifice money, or you can sacrifice time, precious, fleeting, time. 

Truthfully though, if you believe that our training(or any) isn't worth the money, you won’t truly benefit from our services anyways. Your dog, you, will ultimately suffer because of your lack of understanding about what it really takes to build a communicative, trusting and respectful relationship with another species.

But if you’re an owner who believes in their dog and their potential, if you believe in yourself and value your own happiness. If you want to embrace what your relationship can really be like. You can and want to incorporate your dog into your everyday life without embarrassment or problems. You’re willing to put in the time and effort to help you and your dog get to a better place-together. You will benefit from our services, you will see results, and we want to help owners like YOU! 

You love your dog, we love your dog, we love dedicated dog owners. We want to teach you all we know and have you join us in our continued growth in everything dog, but that starts with you making the choice to stop hesitating on getting the help you and your dog deserves. 

Stop f*cking settling. Start training.