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1125 Winnipeg Street
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About Our Daycare

The Balanced Pack Pet Care, was established Fall 2012, when the need for more structured, supervised, and educational ‘dog daycares’ within the city became apparent. Smaller numbers, a relaxed home environment, diligent supervision, structured exercise and training sessions. Just a few of the differences between us and other daycares, that help to mold and maintain social, healthy, self confident dogs.

We provide structured individual/pack walks daily, all day play inside and out and diligent supervision.

Socialization doesn’t start or stop with play. Here dogs learn social etiquette around food, toys, attention all in a home setting, helping to create a well rounded, social dog. Our daycare can be a great way to introduce your new dog to social behavior and proper manners or to help burn off some of that extra energy in a fun, safe and controlled environment.

Our 2500 sq ft outdoor play yard provides plenty of room for activity's. The dogs love having such a big yard to chase each other around, play fetch or learn agility equipment. We have a matted basement play space to utilize during winter/poor weather, which is where we practice our tricks, training and treadmill work. 

Not only do we provide 100% supervision during playtime, we are experienced and educated in reading dog body language. We socialize dogs of all sizes and breeds together. We feel it is important all breeds/sizes learn how to adjust their play, yield, share space and coexist together in peace. Even if they don't 'play' together, they're expected to be respectful and courteous.

Good social skills are fundamental for any size of dog!


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