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Izzie Keyes

Get to know the owner..

After working years in various pet venues around the city; Kennels, daycares and pet stores and having owned animals all my life, it was always apparent to me that one day my career would find a way to revolve around my passion, animals. Upon the closing of former employer, Expressway Kennels in 2012; Confident in my experience and ability to meet the city's demand for a different style of dog daycare, I established The Balanced Pack Pet Care in the Fall of 2012. We are now one of the few and thriving in-home dog daycares within in the city and even the province! 

I've spent thousands of hours during my years working in kennels observing dog-dog interactions, as well as dog/owner interactions & deciphering/analyzing body language between the two. I am continually training and learning with my own four adopted dogs; Zee, Jack, Milly and Maple. Each arriving with their own unique challenges for us to work through together.  

Every dog I meet is continually pushing me to further my education so I can achieve the best results possible for each dog and owner. What I love about dog training is that, there is no 'One Size Fits All' method or technique. Every dog and owner combination is different, their road to success with a new dog, may not be the same as their last, every dog is different.

I am a huge believer in the saying, "We don't always get the dog we want, but we always get the dog we need." Every dog is an individual and have many lessons to teach us about their species, but most importantly, ourselves. The diversity in owners and their dogs is certainly a big part in what makes continually educating myself so inspiring and important. I am committed to learning about all tools and techniques available to help change and owner's life or save a dog's.

I am a firm believer in Results Based training. We use effective and humane tools & techniques to help you achieve lasting results. 

Results, that help you both live a happier, stress free life through effective communication, understanding and mutual respect. 

My goal is for each client to leave our training classes a more effective communicator, advocate, trainer, leader and friend to their dog.


Continued Education...

  • Certified in Canine First Aid through Walks N' Wags since 2010
  • Trained and certified groomer through ICS Canada since 2012 
  • Member of the IACP since 2014, I hope to become an IACP-CDT in 2015
  • September 17-21, 2014 I attended the International Association of Canine Professional's Conference in Alexandria, Virginia. Where I had the pleasure of meeting and attending seminars from world renowned dog trainers/industry professionals like Michael Ellis, Gary Wilkes, Wendy Volhard & Tyler Muto.. Just to name a few.
  • October 7-12, 2014 I attended a hands on seminar for trainers in Kelowna B.C. Expert, full time instruction and information from respected trainers Ted Efthymiadas, Sarah Fulcher & Wayne Dorman. Focusing on rehabilitating aggressive and reactive dogs, resource guarding, separation anxiety protocols, clicker training & we even attended a crocodile training demonstration! 
  • Throughout 2014 my dogs and I attended multiple local seminars on canine conditioning and attended full weekend agility seminars by Jason Good, Kiersten Lloyd & Nicki Gurr. 
  • September 2015  I will be attending a seminar by world renowned trainer Suzanne Clothier, focusing on; 
  • October 2015 I will be attending a 2 day Advanced Socialization workshop by founder of Pack2Basics and respected trainer, Chad Mackin, focusing on; and a 1 day Seminar with Jay Jack of Three Bad Bullies, on using Tug, Spring poles and more to improve relationship. 


I look forward to the many seminars still to come, Learning never ends!

When I'm not out learning hands on from the industry's leading professionals, I am constantly continuing my education via podcasts, DVDs, books, articles, & participating in online trainer chat forums. I participate in CARO Rally Obedience with two of my dogs, as well as compete in AAC Agility. However our favorite thing to do together is be out in nature. I love being able to take my dogs on road trips, camping and fishing.